Recruitment Solutions

RandKA - Client Focused Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Cost : Companies believe that recruitment agency fees are artificially high and they will try to increase candidate salaries to boost their own commissions. Our fees are fixed and agreed before we start any recruitment assignment.

Value for Money : Many think that agencies simply advertise and search existing databases and word match from job description to CV. All of our candidates are interviewed face to face, following behavioural style questioning specific to each position, before presentation to the client.

Clients Carry the Risk : After the initial rebate scheme from an agency, should that hire leave immediately after their probation period has ended, then the client would need to go through the whole process again at full price. We offer lifetime guarantees on all hires. If they leave within their probation period we replace them free of charge. Should they leave after their probation period our unique LIFETIME guarantees kick in - Contact Us.

Recruiters do not understand my Business : Many agencies do not understand their clients' business and are only interested in placing a candidate with them and moving on. They do not seem to grasp that culture fit as well as technical job ability are both vital in successfully filling a position. We take the time to sit down with hiring managers/HR and take full job specification briefs. We also ask to see offices where possible and understand the type of person who would fit in as well as gaining an understanding for what you currently have in place.

Honesty : Some agencies would rather take a position on in the hope of filling it rather than being upfront and admitting they may not be best placed to assist. We will turn business away if we do not feel we are able to assist rather than building false expectations. We would rather build long term business relationships than short term engagements.

Referencing : Many people have said that agency references are not worth the paper they are written on and if only taking two references what happens if one of those is a "mate"? Where possible we will take three references on candidates reducing the risk of "friend" references and one of these references will always be from their current or most recent employer.